How to be a Beautiful Jet Setter
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Aesthetic Beauty Blog

How to be a Beautiful Jet Setter

Travelling by air can be taxing on your skin, eyes and lips.
Aesthetic Beauty & Massage recommends Arcana Skincare for beautiful skin and your travel needs.
But, with the right beauty routine, you can look as glamorous as the world's most stylish cabin crews. Here are some tips to care for your skin in transit.

Even though fresh air is constantly added to recycled air through very fine filters, to remove dust and bacteria, the air in the aircraft cabin has low humidity levels. This can cause mild drying of the skin.
One of the best suggestions is travelling make-up free, especially on long-haul flights.
If this is not on the cards for you, Aesthetic Beauty &Massage recommends using either a tinted moisturiser or a mineral-based make-up, which will still allow your skin to breathe.
If wearing make-up, blusher, plays a big part in helping skin look fresh. It gives the impression of a healthy glow even during long flights.
Hydration sprays such as Revive Facial Mist can also help maintain the moisture balance of skin, while drinking a lot of water, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol, will keep you hydrated. Hydrolyte tablets or sachets are a great addition to your travel bag. 
If you're prone to dry and irritated eyes, Aesthetic Beauty &Massage suggests talking to your local chemist or doctor about eye products before you leave home.
Essential Eye Gel helps to refresh the delicate eye area during a long flight and can be used over make-up.
For those who wear contact lenses, we recommend removing them for air travel and opting for glasses instead.
If you wear mascara on-board flights, be mindful of what mascara you choose. Waterproof mascara tends to dry out lashes when used over long periods.
And using eyeliner on the top lid only gives the appearance of more open, larger eyes.
If eyes are looking tired, concealer will reduce dark circles. However, when applied, you need to have the correct colour in order for the circles not to appear darker.
A product with light reflectors in it is extremely good for this and can work better than a normal concealer.
The use of lip gloss or lipstick that contains gloss isn't recommended, as this can cause the colour to wear off.
Don't use lip gloss over lipstick, as the colour wears off more quickly, plus the gloss can change the pigment in the lipstick giving it a different colour.
And do not draw your lip pencil outside of the lip line.

Disembark your flight looking refreshed and relaxed. 
It all begins with using the correct skincare products and make-up.
A consultation by Aesthetic Beauty & Massage will provide comprehensive beauty tips to ensure you look as good at the end as you do at the beginning of any flight.
When applying make-up, apply a powder over their foundation to help set the make-up so it lasts longer.
If it is a long haul flight, Aesthetic Beauty & Massage suggests to reapply your foundation/powder and blusher throughout the flight.
Also, it helps to remove all make-up and apply a rich vitamin cream such as Nourishing Cream, during your rest period, as it boosts the skin cells and gives the skin a healthy glow.
Aesthetic Beauty & Massage recommends getting some sleep during your flight, to help rejuvenate skin.
Aesthetic Beauty & Massage recommends resting on flights to avoid arriving at your destination looking tired.
Catching some shut eye when the cabin crew dim the lights will help cell renewal and rejuvenation, as the skin repairs itself whilst you are sleeping.
Post-flight runway ready
Never wear new shoes when travelling!
There is a high chance your feet will swell while travelling, which will have you limping down the runway rather that strutting. Before the plane lands, Aesthetic Beauty & Massage suggests using a cleanser or daily exfoliator, a moisturiser and an eye gel. This will help your skin appear more vibrant and feel fresh. After the mini skincare routine, you can then apply make-up. For a fresh look, use a natural foundation and soft blusher in light pink or peach, mascara and a natural lip gloss.
Aesthetic Beauty & Massage also recommends carrying dry shampoo or powder as it can prevent hair from looking oily when you get off the flight.

Do you have any travel tips to add to this?

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