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For the best Spray Tan results

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Spring is finally upon us and the weather is warm and sunny! If you are feeling a little fair skinned we can help with an Aesthetic Beauty Spray Tan!

We are sharing some great tips on what to do before and after your spray tan session, for a radiant, even tan that will last longer and fade evenly.

1) Waxing and shaving must be done before your spray tan but you must allow enough time for the empty hair follicles to close.

If you do need to wax or shave, do this AT LEAST 24 hours before your spray tan is applied. If the skin is not allowed to ‘rest’ for long enough after shaving, you may notice some ‘spotting’ in your tan as the solution settles in the empty hair follicles.
Shaving or waxing too soon after your tan will lift or drag away the top layers of dead skin cells, along with your tan coloring, causing it to fade. So to recap – for the BEST tan result, get all waxing done the day or two before your spray tan.

2) Thoroughly exfoliate your body prior to your spray tan appointment

The surface layer of your skin naturally has many layers of dead skin cells (the stratum corneum) and it’s this layer that the spray tan adheres too. The thicker this surface layer, the sooner your spray tan will rub off, as the skin cells naturally slough away. If you exfoliate your skin before the spray tan is applied, this surface layer will be much newer, and take several weeks to build up allowing your tan to last much longer.
For the best results, dry brush* before a shower, then use an exfoliating product and glove on your entire body before your spray tan appointment. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees, ankles and hands. This will remove dead skin cells and will help produce an even tan which will last that little bit longer. Try to avoid using exfoliating products containing oils, as these may leave an oily barrier which the spray tan solution can’t penetrate evenly.

3) Don’t apply moisturisers, deodorants, perfume or make up
Some cosmetics, sprays or creams can act like a barrier on your skin, which could make your spray tan appear patchy, or fade more quickly. Some deodorants can cause discolouration around the armpits!
Of course, as soon as the spray tan is applied, set and washed off, you can apply your usual creams and deodorants without any problem.

perths best fake tan Spray Tan, sunless tanning, fake tan, summer tan st tropez aviva labs aussie bombshell moroccan tan, techno tan, liquid tan, vani T

4) Choose the right spray tan for you
Consultation is an important part of spray tan application. There are many different options available to you. Aesthetic Beauty & Massage have the following spray tans:

$30 Light: Best for the fair skinned beauties that want a natural sun kissed colour.
$35 Medium: Good for all skin types.
$40 Express: Dark and fast developing. Wash off after 2 hours.

5) Wear loose clothing to your appointment
As part of the application process, your spray tan will be air dried however your tan will need around an hour to start developing. During this time avoid risking marks in your new spray tan by clothing or shoes. Loose-fitting clothes and open footwear such as thongs are best to wear straight after your tan.

6) Once your tan is set, remember to moisturise

Keeping your skin well moisturised and hydrated will prolong the life of your tan considerably, and ensure an even fade. Use gentle, moisturising shower gels with a soft cloth (nothing rough) when bathing and always apply a moisturiser after bathing.

So there you have some great tips to get the most out of your spray tan! If you need one please call or sms Aesthetic Beauty & Massage on 0422 925 372 or purchase
online. We look forward to pampering you!
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*Dry brushing is a really good way to stimulate blood and lymph flow and give your body a boost – more about this in the next blog!

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